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About Concept

MARGE is the margin that allows self-expression.
A collection that allows you to dress up your every day with a touch of color.

About Craftsmanship

“monozukuri”, the Japanese term for creating, begins with the selection of materials based on the design. While we choose the most appropriate textiles both natural and synthetic, each piece is made with attention and consideration to detail, including the effects on the environment. We take advantage of our experience with couture in our selection of materials as well as our relationship with the masters who craft our accessories.

About Sustainability

“Consumption” is a key issue in the current state of the world, and we limit our production so that each item can be crafted with care, enhancing the value of the product for both the craftsman and our customers. We hope to expand our range of expression by being smart and choosing materials that have value for the future such as regenerated fibers and renewable sources. We want to do our share toward a circular economy.